Physiotherapy in Sydney

“Evoker” physio helped me deal with my ankle and lower back injuries. It’s not cheap, but they are professional, patient, and friendly.

I sprained my ankle in the US; didn’t receive any treatment there. The recovery was slow. I started physiotherapy when I went back to Taiwan. Finally I was able to walk without a crutch! I brought my colleague’s crutch from LA to Kaohsiung…

When I came to Sydney I decided to continue physiotherapy. Evoker is just downstairs from my office, so it was convenient for me. The therapist I see is also named Rick! What a coincidence.

A couple of months after ankle treatment, I hurt my back deadlifting. It was really scary! I felt a sharp, stabbing pain and immediately dropped the bar. I think my hamstrings were too tight. Therefore my pelvis was pulled forward, which created a shearing force that herniated my lumbar disc(s). L4L5 and L3L4 were the most painful.

I’m still recovering, stretching as often as I could. Light resistance band exercises are pretty much all I can do. And I have to lie on the ground performing those moves! I just hope I don’t injure it again. I will build my strength back… Stay strong and fight on!

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