Barbell Front Squats: long time no see, my friend!


It has been more than two months since my last rep of a barbell front squat. With two bulging discs (L4L5, L5S1), excess axial load for me is like playing with fire… I’m already a burn victim thanks to deadlifts!

Today also marked the first time I did front squats with weight lifting straps. Notice in my picture there are two black straps on the bar. Jeff has a perfect explanation on why this is a wrist mobility fix:

Overall, I felt pretty good after 5 sets of 5 reps. Although I didn’t put plates on the bar, getting the form right and burning (fire pun again??) into muscle memory trumps any ego I might have. One cue to focus on is the position of your sternum. Make sure it goes up and down during a rep without horizontal movement.

If you are interested in a professional video tutorial (hint: not by me!) on how to correctly perform BB front squats, please provide your contact info below. Why not just upload it? You will know when you get the clip!  😀

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