Deadlift progression in 4 moves!

This is a video from Elliot Hulse. He is an expert in deadlifts and his own gym (Elliott Hulse’s Strength Camp) in Florita is very successful. I learned a lot from his videos. His speaking style is clear, concise, to the point. I wouldn’t mind if he cursed less though…

The progression of deadlifts mentioned in this video is:

  1. Underhand Sumo Deadlift off of blocks: it puts you in a mechanical advantage, and thus is the best for beginners.
  2. Overhand Sumo Deadlift: similar as number one, less thoracic extension required compared to traditional deadlifts.
  3. Conventional Deadlift: now you have the necessary core strength, you can put the center of gravity slightly forward in order to perform a conventional deadlift.
  4. Depth Deadlift: even harder because the bar path is longer! Congrats! You’ve reached pro level! LOL

I highly recommend squat and deadlift instruction videos by Elliot. He also posts many videos of him teaching corrective deadlifts. You can see his students practice with a dowel to ensure 3-point contact. I cannot stress enough the importance of correct form!

[Reference] The Official Deadlift Checklist by ATHLEAN-X™ .

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