BBT (Basketball Burst Training) & ankle sprain… (again!)


What’s BBT? It stands for Basketball Burst Training. “Burst Training” is basically HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). That means in a given time interval you give it your all and maximize effort/heart rate; then rest for a short period; and do this over and over for different exercises.

Below is the list I compiled: do each exercise for two minutes with max effort; rest one minute; and then move onto the next!

✓ Triple threat jump shot

✓ Right pull up

◦ Left pull up

◦ Layup right side

◦ Layup left side

Footwork: leg push -> SL squat down -> two feet jump

◦ Reverse or front layup right-left-right legs

◦ Reverse or front layup left-right-left legs


◦ Right hand dribble, turn left

◦ Left hand dribble, turn right

◦ Right hand dribble, turn baseline

◦ Left hand dribble, turn baseline

However, I sprained my left ankle during a pull-up jump shot going towards my right side: what type of sprain was it? Inversion ankle sprain. That’s when your foot flips “inward” and the outer ankle ligaments are hyperextended or even torn. The picture above is an inversion sprain.

Thankfully, it’s less severe than the right ankle inversion sprain I suffered last December. On 12/02/16 when I played pick-up basketball in Mar Vista Park, Los Angeles, I was guarding someone a size larger than me and couldn’t stop his momentum. A change of direction in his dribble threw me off balance and I rolled my right ankle. REAL BAD. It took two months to recover!

This time the recovery progress after 5 days looks bright: still hurts when I walk, but the range of motion is there. Yesterday I tried jump ropes as my workout warmup, but it was too soon. Ouch! Hopefully I can get back to jumping in another week!

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