Book Review: Never Split The Difference – Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It

This book was written by an FBI negotiation expert. Starting with a fascinating story about negotiating with two bank robbers who held a group of hostages, the author dived into his expansive professional experience. Below are just some techniques introduced in the book…

  • Mirroring: cannot be stressed enough! Simply repeating 3 to 5 words from your interlocutor works wonders; it’s even better than giving positive feedback in some cases.
  • Slow it down: “tactical empathy” brings the other party close. How you deliver is often more important than what you deliver.
  • Intonation: late-night DJ voice, positive playful voice, direct/assertive voice. Each tone conveys different messages and should be used based on the situation at hand. Hint: playful encourages interaction; DJ is soothing; best to avoid assertiveness!
  • Put a smile on that face! Positivity welcomes cooperation. It also makes your response quicker and wittier.
  • Labeling: the most beautiful word to everyone in the world is the person’s own name. Putting emotions into words decreases the fear. “It seems like…”, “it sounds like…” are good ways to label emotions.

Does the book interest you? Have you read it or some similar topics?

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