Total body pull workout-back focus

Since our group, Tapping Analytics, is developing a fitness chatbot “Jeff’s Marker “, I thought it’s fitting to introduce different workout programs I do.

This concentric total body pull workout trains your back, biceps, traps, glutes and hamstrings, finally ends with a back muscle finisher! You’ll definitely break a sweat working through this Athlean-X inspired program.

Without further ado, here it goes:

✓ AX mobility vid 10 mins:

Ankle rehab: (sadly my left ankle sprain hasn’t fully healed)

✓ Toe reach: front, right, left; 10 reps each

✓ Leg swings: front-back, left-right; 10 reps each

✓ 6 Pack Promise: a great Athlean-X app for daily ab training!

Now here’s the exciting part:

One-arm Standing Pulldowns 30 kg x 50 reps ==> Leaning Lat Stretch x 60 seconds (each rest)

Straight-arm Pushdowns (separate cable 10 kg each) x 50 reps ==> Leaning Lat Stretch x 60 seconds (each rest)

DB Drag Curls 6 kg x 50 reps ==> Reverse Standing Curl Stretch x 60 seconds (each rest)

DB High Pull 6 kg x 50 reps ==> Traps Stretch x 30 seconds each side (each rest)

DB RDL 8 kg each hand x 50 reps each ==> Standing Hamstring Stretch – bilateral x 60 seconds (each rest)

✓ Inverted Rows * F * 3 sets (normal, slow concentric, eccentric only)

Some footnotes:

  • Concentric focus: slow down the positive part of a rep, meaning you “pull for 5 seconds, hold 1 second, and release back to starting position in 1 second.”
  • Dumbbell high pull: it’s a safer exercise than upright row for your shoulders. Upright row causes internal rotation of the shoulders, jeopardizing the AC joints. Do high pull instead
  • Inverted Rows * F = perform each set till failure. First set is normal tempo; second set slow concentric; the third set do eccentric part only. This means getting yourself up close to the bar (don’t have to row up because your back muscles are tired by now), and focus on slowly descending to where your arms are completely straight.

A day after this workout, I’m feeling sore in my lats, biceps, and glutes. Today we’ll switch to eccentric focus. Who says you can’t train the same muscle groups two days in a row? Now that’s called Athlean-X BACKFIRE TRAINING!!

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