Interesting general “technical solutions” questions

In software engineering interviews, often there are questions other than coding. Career Cup is a good website for example questions. Below are just some of them:

– How would you go about reducing the load time of a page?

– What is an HTTP redirect? When/Why would it be used?

– How do you change file permissions in Unix/Linux?

– Explain what a shell is and how it works. How does it interact with the kernel? Explain how it relates to privileges, other processes, what happens when you execute a command, shell variables, and anything else.

– When a system “freezes,” why does it usually work to simply reboot?

– Following the previous question, say the system freezes because of disc write operation. How do you find out which program is trying to write which file?

What are your answers? Have you encountered this kind of questions in your interviews? Share in comments below!

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