Agile Scrum: stakeholder, product owner, product manager?

In Agile Scrum software development philosophy, there are many roles and they each play an important part to “get sh*t done.” Here I want to discuss the distinction between a stakeholder, a product owner, and a product manager.

Let’s start with stakeholders. They are the ones “at stake” if a product does not deliver. More often than not such person represents the business or at least a part of the business. For example, a CEO is the ultimate stakeholder.

Along these lines, a product owner is responsible of a product from a level higher than your typical product managers. Someone overseeing a program (an overarching big project, NOT a computer program!) which includes several milestones and commercial deliverables can be a categorized as a product owner, but such person may not be involved in product development at a granular level.

Last but not least there are product managers everyone is familiar with. They research market trends, find out competitive advantages, work with software engineers tirelessly to define specs, UI/UX, and deliver the final product.

So, do you have a better idea now? Are you using Agile Scrum? What are the different roles in your team? Leave comments below!

Keep coding,


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