Combatting lower back pain

Ever since I bulged two discs on August 16th 2017, my lower back has been bothering me. At first I wasn’t able to sit. It hurts to bend, so I wore basketball shorts to work instead of pants. (Also because I had two physio sessions a week.)

Physio space is right downstairs from my office. That’s pretty convenient. However, I’ve been paying a hefty price for each visit. It’s simply not cheap. Think of it as location premium. What’s worse, my insurance does not pay for any physio session. Unless you are admitted to a hospital in an emergency, Overseas Visitor Healthcare (OVHC) basically pays nothing. However, I was happy with the quality of care and the price is actually similar to nearby physio spaces.

After two months of hands-on treatment, my therapist recommended an MRI to make sure everything was OK and the pain I was feeling wasn’t something more serious.

Pilates classes also helped. The physio clinic offers Pilates with reformer machine. It’s a very good core strengthening workout! There are many exercises you just can’t do as effectively without the machine. By the way, it looks like this:

Now after more than three months, I feel better and I’m able to train with moderate intensity in the gym.

However, sometimes it’s like drawing lottery, I don’t know what I’ll get any given day. Granted, my lower back is more likely to be sore the day after gym/Pilates or when I have inadequate sleep, but it’s hard to categorize whether I aggravate the back again or it’s just regular DOMS (delay onset muscle soreness). I certainly hope it’s the latter.

Either way I’ll keep training. Stay strong both physically and mentally!

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