Personal training at Plus Fitness Sydney CBD

Felt pretty good after my first personal training session! And the pricing here in Australia is surprisingly cheap! A$60 per hour … Cheaper than 24 Hour Fitness in LA (USD$60 / hr), and the CrossFit box my friend goes to in the Bay Area (USD$85 / hr).

The goal of my training is to perfect the Big Five: squats, deadlifts, barbell row, bench press, and overhead press. These require good techniques and are safer with a spotter.

Here’s the program today:

◦ Front squats 60 kg

4 SETS x 8 reps

“Trampoline effect” to explode out of the hole

◦ Overhead press 45 kg

4 SETS * 6 reps

Valsalva maneuver, grip width nearly the same as bench press

◦ Bench press 50 kg

4 SETS * 6-8 reps

Bring the bar down to sternum, below nipple line

Drive quad/hill down to press up

◦ Walking lunges 30 kg

3 SETS x round trip

Gait distance is a bit longer than arm’s length

Plant foot first before descending

My instructor Conor said I did well. Well, that’s because I’ve been following Athlean-X programs!!

I really enjoy the PT today and look forward to next week. Stay strong and keep training!

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