June 23rd Total Body Superset workout

Sharing today’s workout program with you! It’s a total body workout utilizing supersets – meaning you stack two exercises together to work different muscle groups while maintaining effort and heart rate. Enjoy!

6/23 Market St

AX1 Day 68


Start time = 20:20

Warm up:

✓ Jogging Wynyard Station to gym

Total Body “Fusion Confusion” Workout:

DB Pronate Curl & Press 8 kg dumbbells–> Standing DB Row & Kickback 12.5 kg dumbbells

4 SETS x 10-12 RM

Pullups x 8 RM –> Diamond Pushups x F


3-Way Lunge Reach 8 kg kettlebells

3 SETS x 7 reps/direction/leg

Direction: front, side, drop-step 45 degrees back

Set 2-3: 4 kg KB

Cool down:

◦ Face pull x 24 reps

✓ 6PP

✓ Shadowboxing

◦ Foam rolling

◦ Stretching: legs

◦ Mackenzie presses

Total time minutes = 80

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