Early bird gets the worm; early Rick gets in queue

It’s 9:48am. I’m waiting outside of Kaohsiung Main Public Library. It opens at 10am.

Do you see the crowd in the panorama? Everyone is in line to be the first to enter! What I love about Kaohsiung Main Public Library include:

  • Free Wifi: its range spans wide! From 1F to 8F, indoors and outdoors, and you can login to multiple devices using the same account!
  • New building: the building is less than 5 years old. You can see a beautiful drone shot here.
  • Expansive collection: from Mandarin to English, children to senior citizen, periodicals to textbooks, it’s got everything you can possibly think of!
  • Digital hardware equipment: all computers are new, and there are two floors dedicated to people with laptops! The charging stations are well designed and there are plenty.

Aright. It’s about to open and people are moving. Happy coding and studying!

Ricky out

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