Churchill: The Last Lion

The Last Lion: Winston Spenser Churchill is an excellent biography by authors William Manchester and Paul Reid. It is well written, extensively researched with details on the legendary British Prime Minister down to the most minute parts of his life, character, and history.

The truth is so precious that she must be always protected by a bodyguard of lies.

The above is a great quote from Churchill. He was referring to the military plan code named “Overload.” Churchill, Stalin, and Rosevelt met at a secret site at the Mediterranean before the invasion on German occupied Europe to discuss how the Red Army and Anglo-American Allies would coordinate the attack. This quote struck me as beautiful and full of irony. In World War II, the Allied and German Forces deployed countless tactics to deceive each other, ranging from covert operations to coded radio messages and many more.

Isn’t it the same with life in general? You can see “white lies” everywhere in every day to day human interactions. Some are benign while others are malicious with an intent to hurt people. How and when one should tell white lies to protect oneself is a necessary skill in life. It can be even an art form — “The Art of the Deal: White Lies for Business Negotiations” is a great book by our President Trump. Go check it out!

Did I get you? 🤣

I’ve never read “Art of the Deal” nor would I ever think it is something worth my time!


Another trait I learned from Churchill was bravery. He said,

Bravery is the one most important human virtue; others follow naturally.

In Winston’s opinion the worst thing one can do was nothing. He was so energetic that he despised inaction. He was not a believer of God; he believed in manifested destiny.

There are much more in this book we can savor and learn from. Take a glimpse into one of the greatest men in history and marvel at the complexity of his mind!

Have you read any of his biographies? Which book do you want me review next? Leave a thumbs up and comment below!

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