Early bird gets the worm; early Rick gets in queue

It’s 9:48am. I’m waiting outside of Kaohsiung Main Public Library. It opens at 10am….

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Long time no see!

Hello folks, This is Rick Huang. I haven’t posted an article for almost a year! “What have you been up to?” You ask. Well, it’s a long story. However, all I can say at the moment is I’m studying and preparing for the next chapter of my career. Cheers, Ricky out!

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The Innovation Challenge

medium.com/@dwaynegefferie/the-innovation-challenge-2b61807c3754 Great article on innovation challenges facing companies! Some highlights… Are iPhone 1 to X incremental steps? Breakthrough innovations? Microsoft Power BI: how to companies gain insights using BI tools like Tableau, Domo, Qlick, Microsoft BI and many others? Dijkstra’s algorithm: can we innovate using well-established algorithms? This article is worth reading!

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Very helpful article on career decisions

medium.com/the-mission/when-to-quit-and-when-to-double-down-4b38f4cce144 Have you ever wondered whether to quit or stay at a job? You might be unhappy, but it’s hard to make a decision. There’s fear of uncertainty, especially if you don’t have a cushion to fall back in, eg having economic pressure. This article offer an in-depth analysis with the author’s personal experience: working […]

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